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Sunday, August 05, 2007


As my current hairdresser is on vacation, I had to find some other professional for my coiffing needs. I went to "ruthless kappers" in enschede. They seemed very professional, and had somewhat well founded opinions regarding what I should do with my hair. I wasn't entirely sure when she told me to leave it longer in the back though. I conjured up pictures of mullets and pomaded creeps from stureplan in Stockholm, but I thought to myself "this is a professional, and I did give her carte blanche, so let's see where it leads".
I think the jury is still out on the way it looks in the back. My girlfriend likes it, but it still leaves me with a feeling that my hairdo doesn't represent my personality. I never saw myself as one of the people who had longer hair on the back of their head than on the sides. It is almost like I'm aiming for a social class above my stature. Granted, the trend nowadays is that if you are well to do, and high up on the social ladder, you should look as much like trailer park trash as you possibly can, which is a weird trend, but I still have the nagging feeling that it is not me.

That said, I think I will let this hairdo run its course, and then think of something else. I'm all for change if it doesn't totally mess up my mojo.

Secondly, I have been using gel in my hair for the last couple of months, on the advice of my previous hairdresser. Even though the last time I used gel in my hair before that (as opposed to wax) was probably 15+ years ago. My new hairdresser switched me back to wax (fudge, to be precise). This has the lovely advantage of me being able to re-style my hair when I feel like it, and to some extend run my hands through it, and also to have it lighter on my head than when it is is filled with gel. However, whenever I do touch it, I am left with a film if semi-waxiness on my hands that won't come off until I wash them. Not that washing my hands is a problem, but I tend to touch my hair more often than I have access to a bathroom. The other problem with wax, something that I re-discovered last night, is that when you wake up in the morning, you find your face inexplicably stuck to your pillow. It doesn't really dawn on you until you've been rolling around in your bed for a bit that your hair is the reason why your pillow (and wall, if you're unlucky) is covered in glue. It instantly makes your bed feel dirty, even though it was freshly made the day before. It is a condition I have lived with for a long time before, and one I was happy to be rid of when I switched to gel.
The jury is still out on the advantages and disadvantages of gel versus wax, but time will tell.



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