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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Indiana Jones Is Back

I absolutely loved the first three movies about Indiana Jones. Harrison Fords portrayal of "junior", the interplay between Ford and Connery, and the lovely mix of comedy, action and drama made these movies some of the best movies I know.
The problem with the Indiana Jones franchise, is that there were only ever 3 movies made, the last one is a sturdy 18 years old already.
At various points in time, there has been talk about making a fourth movie about Indiana Jones.
Alas, all there rumors have been for naught, until now. Last I heard of Indy 4, was that they had already filming. Sadly, I had heard this on at least 2 occasions before, and it had always been a lie.
I always get cautiously optimistic when I hear Indy 4-related news, thinking that big words does not a movie make. I want the rumors to be true, but so far I have been let down. Until now.
I found this link via the "next blog" link at the bar on the top, linking to a teaser trailer for the new Indy movie. I have no idea how old this snippet is, but I can assume a couple of months at least.
Not only does it contain the essential Indiana Jones props (hat, jacket and bullwhip, in case you were wondering), but it also contains on-the-stage shots of Harrison Ford, talking to to Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Harrison Ford actually looks his current age, so I'm going to assume that it is for real this time. I would really hate to be proven wrong on this one. The clip can be found here.

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