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Monday, July 09, 2007

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

My first failed exam this year. I mean I knew it was hard, but I didn't think I did this poorly. Not even close to passing either, a 3.8 out of 10.
I was really hoping for a calm and easy summer this year but noooooooo. Now I have to study my ass off for weeks to pass this fucking thing. Last time I studied for about a week with abysmal results, so I guess I have a lovely 2 weeks of hardcore studying ahead of me before exams.
This sucks massive donkey nuts. I thought that I had managed to slide in over the edge, but no sir.
The only good thing about this is that I'm not alone. 44.4% of the exam takers failed, and I know that some people didn't even show up to try.
We didn't do particularly well on the first assignment either, but I have high hopes for the second assignment.
Out of 5 questions I was above average on two, and abysmally below on the remaining three.
I would have been less pissed about it if the teacher wasn't such a smug ass.

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