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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dance Valley 2007

I can't exactly remember how it started, but in the end, I went to Dance Valley 2007 on Saturday with some friends from Sweden, one of which lives here in Holland right now. The cool thing about dance valley isn't so much its enormous size, but the fact that the whole spectacle takes place during the day.
The gates open at 10 and close 13 hours later at 23. As any party animal will tell you, 13 hours of partying, especially intensive dancing situations like this, is not for the faint of heart. We arrived, after much ado, at around 2-3 o'clock. This meant that we only spent a little more than half of the opening hours participating in the event. If was a lot of fun though. The sun had decided to come, the people were great, and the atmosphere was completely electric.
If you haven't already, I really recommend that you try it some time. I can also say from experience that Dutch parties are better than English parties. They're both filled with ugly people, but at least here in Holland, there's a possibility of finding people that actually look human. Most British people I've met all over the world, at least from ages 50-ish and down look like complete dogs, and they act out the role to perfection. The atmosphere is generally more colloquial at Dutch parties too, I feel.

If you can't make it to the big events, make sure you help our your local organizers by showing up at their smaller parties, outdoor and in, and enjoy the music and give a helping hand.

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