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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

German Train Operators Strike

I'm sitting here watching the BBC. It is talking about the train strike in Germany. Apparently the courts had ruled that the strike would have too much of an impact, and they are forcing the workings back to their jobs.
Isn't a strike supposed to be difficult and inconvenience everybody, as it is the weapon workers have against employers. The very idea behind the weapon of strike is now what the courts are denying the train operators. If they at the same time had forces the employers to do something, it would have been more OK. I do understand that taking 8000 train operators out on strike can be devastating for the economy of a country, I also know that sometimes workers go on strike because the employers are being reasonable, and the employers get punished by loss of revenue, or in this case, probably utter chaos.

Let them strike, I say, to force the employers to the negotiating table. Granted, they did want a 31% pay raise, which seems like a lot, but then again I have no idea at what levels their current salaries are. The employers are just as much at fault as the operators for this situation, so they should sit down and resolve it, instead of the courts forcing one side of the conflict into the claws of the other.

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