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Thursday, May 03, 2007


This long weekend saw me going to two rave parties.
One was at this German club, just across the border, called Index. The lineup mentioned Jens Lissat, Marusha and Yves deRuyter. It promised to be a night of old school rave. This was a lie.
The other was one of the worlds best known rave parties, Mayday, in Dortmund, Germany. They had lined up names like Westbam, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buren. It promised to be a night of trance. This was a lie.

The night at index failed in the fact that not only was the music played nothing like old school rave, but they also had a very weird timing lineup. Jens Lissat was, unannounced, given the 12-03 shift, at which time I expected the club to close. This was not to be, but at 03, some mockery of music was put on, and we left, disappointed at how the evening had turned out. Looking at pictures from partyflock, it turns out that Yves deRuyter did indeed play, but I can't imagine it being a big step up from what we had heard. Had I know it was a 6 o'clock thing, we would not have arrived at 22.30, but rather something like 12 or 01. What I will say about index though, is that it is a really cool club. They have something like 6 large dance floors, passageways and balconies that connect them, several bars, and outdoor area with a pool, climbing wall, and giant pillows for lying down. Quite possibly one of the coolest venues I have ever seen. I am going back at some point, that I am sure of.

The night at Mayday failed for many reasons. One of the biggest being the fact that the music that was played in no way matched up to what you would expect from the DJs playing it. Sure, had I been rolling, it probably would have been a great evening, but I shouldn't have to pop pills to have fun. Especially not when I shell out big bucks for the opportunity.
Another thing with the trip to Mayday was that the trip itself was nothing short of a cluster fuck. It started with the ticket machine at the station only taking coins (who the fuck carries 30 euros in coins with them?), so we missed the first train because of this. This caused us to have to change trains and wait and all that jazz, which really put a damper on the collective mood. What ticked me off even more was that when I checked the route on Google maps yesterday, it would have taken us half as long to drive, at half the cost. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that public transportation was supposed to be cheaper than driving, so that people would choose this alternative to save both the environment and the traffic situation.
The reason that we didn't drive to Dortmund was that I didn't know what kind of substances would be consumed there. I do like to drive, but I will under no circumstances do it under the influence of anything stronger than caffeine and sugar.

Something that did amaze me with both parties were the awesome laser light shows. The one on index was more intricate and detailed, but the one at Mayday was massive (check the related links too. I would put my movies up, but I'm too lazy).

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