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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vehicular Access

I brought my car out of its winter slumber today. I spent a good 90 or so minutes driving around with the top down. I did my best to find some nice curvy back roads, but this country is so damn overpopulated that there are little towns and houses almost everywhere. Also, roads don't really have turns here, they just bend a bit, and 500m further along the line, your car has actually changed direction.

I would love to go for some inspired driving, but I might have to take it to the track for that.
I did happen to drive past IKEA though, so I took the opportunity to check their Swedish food store, and I stocked up on most of the candy I could find. I forgot to buy daim (damn!) and they didn't have dumle (double damn), but the rest of the stuff is absolutely delicious.
They had cheese, but not my preferred brand, unfortunately. I will be making more stops there, that's for sure.



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