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filling the void

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friends of Old

Today I found out that a very dear friend of mine (that I have written about previously) has finally moved down to Amsterdam. I met her last when she was her visiting in November, when she told me she was moving down on a more permanent basis. She's not been living here for a couple of weeks, getting things settled and I got a message from her today, and I called her up and we talked for a bit.
It's nice to know that not only are there other Swedish people tired of the country and moving out, but also that it's a good friend of mine, and she has chosen the same country as me to live in. It justifies my choice, and it also means that I have another friend to visit here, and another reason to go to lovely Amsterdam.
Hopefully this means that I'll go to more raves, since I actually now know one more person in the country who likes to do it. I know that other people here like it, but I just don't know any of them.

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