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filling the void

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Amsterdam <3

Ahh, Amsterdam, such a lovely city.
Even though my first 5 minutes in the city saw one of the worst hailstorms I have ever witnessed, closely followed by the wind uprooting a massive tree just outside the central station, I instantly fell in love with the city.
The weather was crap, but the city took me into it's arms.
Not only was it a nice city, but I went there to visit one of the cutest people it has been my pleasure to know. She's a great friend, and we had a blast spending the day together. It turns out that she's moving down here on a permanent basis. Happiness all around!
I didn't get very many pictures of the city, since the weather and the light was against us, but I am going back there tomorrow to meet another friend, so hopefully the weather will be nicer to me then.
On the train back, I thought of a bunch of really profound things to blog about, but I have completely forgotten what they were. I need to start writing this stuff down.


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