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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Midnight Postings

I've gotten into the habit of blogging when I come home drunk from a party. It could make for interesting entries, but it might also just lead to crap. I was at the vesting bar tonight, as per usual on a Tuesday evening. Most Dutch people say that it's just student-geeks that go there, bit I beg to differ. I don't go there for the bar itself, I go there for the people I meet.
Don't know what I'm writing here. My friend hooked up with one of the cutest Dutch girls I have ever seen. The only problem is that he's got something else going on on the side, and he can't seem to choose. Guess I'm just a bit jealous, since he's got two things going, and I have zero.

Ohh well, the tables were turned a couple of week ago though (ok, so I didn't have two, but atleast I had one, and she was fantastic), so this might be an equalizer of sorts. Too bad that I like her too, but I guess she's decided on who's floor to drop her clothes, so to speak.
I also met a good friend of mine's boyfriend today. It's always interesting to see the people that your friends are dating. To see if they fit together or not. Some people look meant for each other, and some people just look like the only reason they are together is that someone won a bet once.
Generally though, I tend to think that the people I like date good people. One of my very best friends who now lives in England has, for maybe the first time, a boyfriend that I really like, and that I really think fits together with her, and they are apparently happy as pigs in shit.

I know that it's not my place to pass judgment on other people's partners, but since I do anyway, automatically, I figure I might as well go all out.


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