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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Schrödinger's Cat

My sister's birthday was this monday, and on sunday, apparently, mom and my sister went to buy a cat. Therefore,

numCatsInHouse = 1; //we now have one cat

Shortly thereafter, how this happened I do not know, the cat escaped. Thus:

numCatsInHouse--; // we now have zero cats

This was the status on tuesday. I have not heard anything since.


numCatsInHouse = 0||1; // since we don't know if it's back or not, or dead or alive for that matter, we get schrödinger's cat
See kids, ain't applied quantum mechanics fun?

I asked mom about the state of the cat. We'll see what she responds.

I MIGHT have spent the last week or two coding furiously, so my writing style might be influenced a bit by programming...

Edit: Hahaha, in quantum computing there's something called a "cat state". Doesn't get any funnier than this!

Now, see, if you were a geek like me, you would have thought that was damn funny!


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