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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Slow Day

Last night was a good party. We went to macandra (I think that's how it's spelled). A friend of my roommates' was celebrating her birthday and was throwing a big party. There were a lot of people there, all foreigners. A lot of Norwegians, two in particular that I started talking to that were really nice. It turns out that coming here for year 2 and 3 or their physiotherapy education is a big thing. One girl that I spoke to said that there were 15 Norwegians in her class. I also met a girl from Oman who was really nice. We spoke for some time. I like meeting intelligent people who are interested in things.
I was having lunch with another friend of mine yesterday, and she was telling me about her work in optics fabrication in a clean-room, and she went in to detail and it seemed like she really wanted me to understand. She spoke with the ease of someone who likes her job. I'm not saying that fast food cashiers aren't necessarily interesting, but you connect to different people in different ways.

Regarding today though, today has been something of an odd day. Breakfast with the "family" (i.e. the entire household), ad then going for a spin on the town. I actually got some cheese today.
It just seemed like everything was kind of slow today. When I got home, I just sat and starred out our window at the still, inanimate objects in our back yard. It really seemed like it had been frozen in time, and it looked incredibly boring. Everything was grey. Not dark, but not light either. Not cold, but not warm. It was as if someone put the world in some state of suspended animation, and it's really depressing. No wonder the suicide rate of fall and winter is through the roof. I think we all suffer from seasonal depression disorder in some way, it's just that it doesn't show on everybody. I don't know if I give off any hint to my state of mind, other than my constant comments about how the weather sucks.
The world just seemed dull today, I don't know why.

I also feel the need to get smashed or baked tonight, but I don't much feel like doing it by myself in the kitchen, so I'm going to make some calls, see if I can't scare up some interest in this. Or maybe it's just withdrawal from the great party last night. I'm definitely taking every chance I get to party there. Especially if I might run in to that cute girl from Oman again. She didn't seem frightfully interested in me though, but I guess anything can happen.
It was also nice that my Dutch friend Susanne was there with us. I like her, she's my kind of friend. We don't go out to party that much, even if we speak quite a bit to each other, so it was nice to get drunk together for a change.
Today we're planning a BBQ. Don't know what's going to come of it though, we'll see. Tomorrow the entire household is going to see "The Knife" in concert in Amsterdam. I haven't decided if I want to go yet. When my brother saw them, he was quite disappointed, so I might just take a hint from him and stay away. Might be nice to go to Amsterdam though, but I'll have more chances to go there I'm sure.

I also got parts of my assignment done yesterday, so I'm actually ahead now, which is nice. I'm going to see if I can't further increase my lead over the schoolwork now, and then it's time for the BBQ!


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