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filling the void

Friday, October 06, 2006


Won't somebody come take a walk with me?
In the rain?
In the night?
In the silence?

I like being out in the rain. Since most people dislike getting wet, it's wonderfully quiet out when it rains. It's generally just you and the rain. Contemplative.
I always find it easier to think when I'm close to water.
Being out in the middle of the night also helps cut down on the amount of people you meet and sounds you hear. Being alone someplace where there's usually a lot of people is cool.
Like around 4-5 am, in a big city, just as the sun is coming up, and you're all alone in a place normally bustling with people. It's an intense experience.

Tomorrow is party night. The nut jobs in "399" (Witbreuksweg 399, on campus, at the UTwente) are hosting a party, like they normally do, for 50-odd people. It's a house full with almost exclusively short-stay exchange students. Most with no actual pressure on them to pass exams. That usually makes for one hell of a party crew.
Tomorrow is also deadline day for a lot of my projects in school, so this weekend will be 100% me and 0% school. Then this whole crazy thing starts right up again...

I know this girl who writes for the school newspaper. I have a feeling she's a pretty good journalist, but I have no idea, since my dutch is very limited (read virtually non-existent).
I had certain, hmm, shall we say 'incentives' to learn dutch before, but now it's back to just me wanting to be able to understand the people around me. I've had 2 dutch lectures to date, and I'm actually learning stuff. With a bit of luck, I'll be able to communicate by the end of this school year.

Well, it looks like no-one was interested in going out tonight, so I'm going to hit the sack.

Tot ziens!


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