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Friday, October 13, 2006

Nobel Peace Prize

I just read on CNN about Muhammad Yunus, the guy who is going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year.
Apparently, he's some economics professor from Bangladesh who runs a microcredit (it's all in the article) company that gives small loans to the poor, who can't normally qualify for a normal loan. payback is on an honor basis. I don't know if what this guy did is related to peace or not, but damn it if this guy shouldn't get a price. Hell, he deserves two!
He and his bank has been at this for a while now, and it seems to be going very well. Way to lift people our of poverty! Sir, I salute you!

We need more people like this guy, we really do.
Things like the Nobel Prize makes me proud to be Swedish. Not a lot of other things do, but this really does. Once a year, it feels good to be Swedish.


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