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filling the void

Saturday, October 07, 2006


It was a good party last night. At first Paul and I hung out in our kitchen, just talking about nothing in particular, but then I finally convinced him to join me to the party, and we ended up staying until 5 am. The party started as just a big group of individuals, but as the night progressed, you could see more and more couples forming. It was very interesting to see, especially as I turned out to be more of a spectator in this forming of couples than a participant. I spent the better part of the evening with another girl who also would not partake in the forming of couples, so we were cracking jokes at other peoples expense, I had a blast.

Unfortunately I didn't get my deadline stuff done yesterday, so I still have some work to do, but I'm hoping that I can get that done over the weekend. Right now, I'm waiting for the shower to become available, and the rain to clear up, so that I can go to town and check the market out. I need to get some salt that actually tastes like salt, and some sugar that actually tastes like sugar. I might also look at cheeses, but we'll see. Grocery shopping is also on my list, but that can wait.

I still haven't gotten my money from CSN, the Swedish governmental financial aid people, so the situation is not optimal. As always, they're dragging their feet. Normally, you receive your money for studies abroad in august. It's now October, and my patience and pocket book are wearing thin. I'm lucky to have enough money to actually get by while they proceed to fuck up my life. People in a lesser fortunate situation might not be able to cope with this situation as well, and that could prohibit them from leaving the shackles of that dead grey country behind them. It's sad.

Dutch class again on Monday. I wish it would continue on for the entire semester, but it's only a total of 5 weeks. I'm going to look into a continuation, if it's not too expensive.


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