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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Tropical Party

Yet another wonderful party for the books. The Calslaan crew threw a tropical party last night (my semi-Hawaiian shirt made an appearance), and it was great. The dorm does have a distinct prison feeling to it, but the people were cool, and there was booze aplenty! This was one in the line of many great parties. Next Friday there's another one planned, but by a different crew. I can honestly say that I have rarely partied this much while still going to school. Sure, working at the amusement park, getting trashed and going to bed after sunrise was more of a rule and an exception, but no so much in school.
Next Friday is the last of the currently planned parties. I'm hoping for a post-exams party, but nothing's scheduled yet. The concept of paying at the door and then having all the liquor you can drink is actually not a bad one. Easier for everyone, and everybody gets drunk!

If we can just get the rest of the house organized, I think we're heading down to the market in a bit. I need new shoes (I need new everything, but who's counting...), and I'm sure Denis needs more fish. The market is crap, but at least it gives us something to do on a Saturday.


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