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Friday, April 06, 2007

"If it's not what you love, don't do it"

True words spoken by Mr Jeremy Allison of Samba fame. Currently employed by Google, he tells us about talking to his new office mate, what he does, and what he would have like to have been told when he was fresh out of college. If you are in Computer Science or any related area, you should really read this. Even if you're not, there are some points that are applicable to any job you'll ever do.

EDIT: I had a link here to what I thought was Jeremy's blog, but it was a collective kind of thing. Without it the comment below seems taken out of context, but imagine a link to a blog here.

Come to think of it, many big names in software blog on a more or less regular basis, and I don't read many of their posts unless they show up on other outlets linked by someone. Maybe I should make a habit of reading what these people deem worthy to say. They are, after all, where I want to be down the line. (i.e. working their dream job, doing what they love to do.)

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