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Sunday, April 01, 2007

ACM ICPC Revisted

For some reason, blogger has decided to stop emailing me about my comments, so I recently discovered an insightful comment from anonymous about my ACM ICPC Post. He says that competing is much easier than you might think, provided that you are of course eligible. He also, kindly, provided me with a link to the Eligibility Decision Tree. I make it through the basic requirements, but then things like being too old or having spent way too many years in school catch up with me. It turns out I seized being eligible when I graduated with my BSc.

I guess not being allowed to compete anymore takes the load off my mind of never having competed, and now I could never rectify that, even if I wanted to. It would have been cool to have competed once, but now that I know that I can't for other reasons than skill, I will put it behind me.

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