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Monday, April 02, 2007

Shaving Techniques

Today I tried re-shaving against the grade, as suggested by the article on lifehacker.
I have some first impressions, and they're not good.
  • It took considerably longer to do it this way.
  • It was uncomfortable.
  • It felt weird. (maybe this is something you get used to)
  • It tore up my skin something fierce.
  • The added benefit: minimal, if any.
I have been using high-grade shaving equipment and skin care products for several years, so that's not the problem either. All this crap, for a benefit that's hardly noticeable, and that will certainly not be noticeable two hours from now is just not worth it.
I'll be re-applying moisturizer to my face all day to undo the damage I've done to my skin.
In short, don't try this!



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