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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Wave of the Future

So, I guess I'm using the new blogger beta now. Dunno if it's actually visible, I guess I'll see when I publish this post.
A company called Mobience has come out with a concept that I think is going to revolutionize mobile input.
It's called MobileQWERTY, and I think it's a really cool thing, and I wonder why people haven't thought about it before. The basic letters-to-digits setup that phones have now is pretty good, but as can be expected from a first draft, it certainly has performance issues. I think that if I was given the chance, I'd change to MobileQWERTY in a heartbeat.

Also, yay for the new labels system! I doubt that I'll use it, but it might be cool. I know a lot of people who would.


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