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filling the void

Thursday, November 09, 2006


So, I guess ioFTPD was opensourced under the GPL.

The sourceforge site can be found here. The announcement for iniCom Networks can be found here.
This will be of interest to very few people I guess, but I have written software that works with ioFTPD, so I find it somewhat interesting.

From what I hear though, ioFTPD doesn't have the same market penetration as its rival glftpd. Granted, ioFTPD is a Win32 application, while glftpd is a pure UNIX variant. glftpd is not open source though.

The software I've written that works with both these two servers (and any other server that implements the ftp protocol) is called cubnc, and can be found on sourceforge.net here

It's going to be fun to download ioFTPD and see what their code is like. I don't know what language it is written in, but I'm sure I'll find some of it interesting.
I hope that this spurs the glftpd devs to release glftpd to the public as well, but in all honesty, I think that might be as probable as hell freezing over.


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