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filling the void

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Nobody is eager anymore.
People don't get excited about things. There's no childlike glee from adults with regards to things to come.
Am I the only one who gets excitd about things anymore?
It's like everybody I talk to have just given up and accepted the fact that their being hearded like sheep through life.
I can't remember the last time someone came up to me with excitement and anticipation in their voice and told me about something nice that was going to happen, or that they wanted to happen.
People don't "want" anymore.

Maybe it's because of the fact that if people don't want things, they're never dissapointed when they don't get them. I want things all the time. Not material things, but I want events to happen, I want to see the people I like and have fun. These are things I want all the time, and sometimes I get dissapointed when they don't happen. I don't EVER hear this from anybody else, and I don't perceive that anybody else has these feelings either.

It's a sad state that humanity is in.

Or maybe I'm just tired of always being the active one. I talk to people all the time to get them to come to parties or go out or do whatever. I can't remember the last time anybody asked me this. Sure, I suppose it could be because nobody wants me there, but I doubt that's it.
People just don't get engaged in their lives anymore, and it's sad. I'm sad for them. I'm sad for me. I'm sad for all of us...

If you think that this applies to you, then try it. Try being eager and excited and happy about your next encounter with someone. Try to make that person feel like you are actually passionate about something. It doesn't matter what it is. Just to show the rest of the world that there's actually a flame of life burning inside that husk that most people call a body.
Most people classify themselves as humans.
I'm going to take a page from Korben Dallas and classify people as meat popsicles, until things change around here...