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filling the void

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Yes, I'm a bit drunk, what of it.
I like doing things when I'm, drunk, or preferably high. Depending on what the rest of the population is getting intoxicated on.

We played spin the bottle, and I didn't kiss a single girl. This was clearly not a Scandinavian game of spin the bottle. We really felt, and behaved, like a bunch of 18-year olds, and it was nice. It was the first time I've gotten properly drunk in this country.

The thing is, I've met this cute little (normally, Dutch girls are TALL) Dutch girl, who I like a lot, so I probably wouldn't do any kissing anyway, except to maybe further the spirit of the game. If I did, however, it probably wouldn't mean anything.
I must say, these eastern Europeans (with one Iranian, lets not forget) are pretty shy when it comes to teenage shenanigans. Only two or three kisses, and nothing racy at all. Frankly, I'm a bit disappointed :P

Still a bit drunk, so I'm probably going to fill myself with water to prevent a hangover, maybe chat a bit, then I'm going to bed.
Good night world!
--Markus uit

P.S Ohh, and by the way, ...
I've forgotten what I wanted to say during the spellcheck.



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