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Friday, September 08, 2006

Been a while

As the title suggests, it's been a criminally long time since I last posted something on here.
It's not like I've had too much stuff to do to blog, but I just haven't gotten around to it, like so many other things that just kind of fall by the way-side. (Like my software projects, but atleast other people pester me about those).

What's happened of late, anyways, is that I have moved to Holland. Enschede to be precise, it's the largest city is eastern Netherlands with a population of a staggering 150.000 people. It does, however, have a surprisingly small selection of clothing. This i realized when I went window shopping the other day, and couldn't find more than maybe a shirt and a pair of pants that I liked.
I couldn't even find what I was looking for, namely a new jacket and a new backpack.

Other than that, it's a nice little town. The school seems like a focal point, even though it only entertains roughly 10.000 people in the city. It's a great campus though, and the people I've met are just adorable, so I really like it here. Hell, I've even met a dutch girl that I really like (who likes me back, hah, take that Mr Murphy!). Finding girls who genuinely like me as more than a friend isn't always something I manage to do (read nevar EVAR), so I'm really happy.
(I'm happy for many many reasons down here, but right now, this is a central theme.)

UTwente is one of only three technical university in all of the Netherlands, and it's the only university in the entire country that actually has a campus.

Would you believe that I haven't even set foot in a coffee shop yet? You'd think that someone with my background might stumble head over heals into one, if nothing else just to say that "yeah, I sampled the pinnacle of dutch culture" (according to some people), or to actually have something at home to smoke.

The concept of cigarette (and other) smoke in clubs is something that's still alive and kicking here. Some of you might know that for little over a year, Sweden has been a smoke-free country when it comes to clubs and resturants and caf├ęs and such. I missed coming home smelling like an ashtray :P

In other, more recent news, our landlords came by and ninja-installed a clothes dryer, which is something we really need. 6 people doing laundry with only hangspace isn't a working setup.

I should wrap this thing up, before it becomes a novel.
Final words: find the pictures from introduction week at: http://markus.jevring.net/utwente/

--Markus out


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