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Monday, August 15, 2005

Been A While

Today has been a good day. Apart from some nasty business this afternoon, it's been quite good.
It starts out with me waking up before the alarm-clock rings. Always a good sign, because it should mean that I am completely rested.
To make this wonderful morning even better, the sun is out, and there isn't a cloud to be seen, as I walk from my home to the train.
As I'm getting in to work, the sun is starting to work its magic. This being August, things don't realy need too much to heat up around here, so the day is nice and hot. I decided that today, I'm taking off work early, and I'm going to care for, and drive, my car.
unfortunately, there was more caring for and less driving the car, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.
I get out of work at around 1600 in the afternoon, with the full intention that today will be my victory day.
Like so many other times, this is not to be...
As I'm leaving the office, the sky starts to darken. I start to get that omnious feel, like I know what's going to happen, and how it's going to totally ruin my day.Half way to the train, there is thunder and lighting all over the sky. Some sort of demon-like vortex of clouds seem to be forming right above the train station.
I keep walking.
As I'm getting closer, I can see the vortex extending down from the skies, down to the platform.
It looks like a hurricane is dancing around, with its bottom connected to the earth.
As I make my way out to the platform, the hurricane-like cloud funnel, if you will, seems to lift slightly, and open, as if someone had put a great rend down the side of it.
By now, it's raining frogs from the sky, and thunder and lightning are striking every other second, and people are running scared and screaming off the platform to seek shelter from the impending doom, as the wind whips the rain to a terrible howl.
There seem to be the screaming of souls in agony in the wind, by I dismiss it as my mind playing tricks on me.
When I finally reach the end of the platform, the rend has now fully opened, revealing a dark, very large, hulking character with spikes coming out of its body, and it appears to have a long spiked tail.
As lightning strikes yet again, I get a terrible glimpse at the creatures face. Scarred and disfigured, as if it had lived through the agony of every man, woman and child since the beginning of time, yet it appears to be smiling.
A dark, deep and resonant voice fills the air.
"I am Diablo, Lord of Terror..."
"Defeat me, or watch as I raze your entire civilization, and enslave yet another dimension, turning all you feeble minded creeps into slaves, destined to torment in the fires of hell for all eternity."
Having had extensive experience with this kind of thing, I calmly remove my backpack, open it up, and..."
What happens after this you ask?
Well, if I had any idea, I'd gladly continue the story, but as it turns out, the only true part here is the fact that it rained down like a motherfucker as i was leaving the office, and I took this as a sign that I must have done something wrong in a previous life. Raped a nun while eating a small child or somesuch, because no way in hell had I done anything bad enough in this life to deserve this rotten streak of weather we've been having.
I thought all was lost, as the rain was pouring down as I got on the train. It hadn't stopped as I got to the terminus, so I simply assumed that the rain would continue for all eternity, smoothly turning into snow (or something slushy in between) as it grew colder, and never ever would I see the sun again. Atleast not within the borders of this country.

I was wrong.

As I got out of the subway at the other end, the sun was shining, and there wasn't a cloud to be seen. The ground looked like it had maybe gotten some rain, but there was no evidence other than that, that the weather had been foul just moments earlier.

So I went to the store(s), got what I needed, and embarked on what would be a one and a half hour car-washing journey. Add an extra 30-45 minutes for the wax (thanks for the help, dad).

The results, I must say, are miraculous. Since I haven't washed my car more or less since I got it, it was very dirty indeed.
Now it has a lustrous shine about it that's just marvelous.
However, I most definitely will get some kind of recond-paint-sealer-deal for my next car.
This wash and wax stuff has got to go.

Sadly, as the nightw as getting dark, and another day at the office was on the horizon, there was very little driving. I went down to the gas-station to enquire about some tire-side cleaner, but they had none.
I went home, and here I am. hammering away at the keys, hoping that something good will come of all this.

I'm thinking bed...

--Markus out


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