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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5km in 30 minutes

I just got my first small victory on the way to my big goal.
Today I ran (and partially walked) 5km in 30 minutes. This might not seem like a feat to many, and perhaps it isn't, but it's a big step for me on my way to be able to run 5km without stopping.
I did this run in a series of 600m runs, followed by 100m walks. I did cheat two laps and did 300+100, but that isn't much out of the 12½ laps I ran (which makes each lap 400m, but you might have already known this).
It did take all my energy, and I wouldn't be able to do it again so soon after, but I'm hoping to repeat it tomorrow. It's possible that I passed this barrier on Monday already, but as I didn't keep count of the laps, it doesn't count.
New shoes and a proper surface to run on has done wonders for my legs. There is still a bit of pain now, but that's from exhaustion, not improper leg use.
This week and next I'm doing Monday + Wednesday + Thursday running, and the rest of the week off. This might seem like an odd schedule, but I'm usually in Brussels on the weekends, which puts a stop to an otherwise leisurely every-other-day routine.
After these two weeks I'll move to a Monday to Thursday schedule (4 times per week) until I can run 5km without stopping. After that, who knows. At least it feels good to know I'm making progress.

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