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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Infected Mushroom - Vicious Delicious

I just got my hands on Intefected Mushroom's newest album Vicious Delicious.
I know it's been out for several months, but I never got around to actually listening to it until now.
I must say that it is a radical departure from what they have done in the past. While this is only partly the Infected Mushroom I know, I still like the album a lot.
The beginning has some flavor of rock and whatever the genre name for what Link Park plays is. I'm not saying that it sounds like it, but it has some elements of similar styles. This latest album is also somewhat slower than their previous albums. There are a lot of guitars on this album. The guitars are very goa, yet also not. Lots of lyrics, much of them coherent instead of just small clips of a sentence and a half.
It gets older and trancier towards the end. More back to the roots.

All in all, it's not hard to see why so many people like Infected Mushroom. Sure, not everything they make is good (B.P Empire and Converting Vegetarians come to mind), but I must say they have a higher average than most, and the music that is good is just that much better.

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