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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teaching - What a Rush!

I spent some time today in the computer rooms of the school. We were working on a project that is due in 2½ weeks for the Design of Software Architectures course. As we were getting done and getting ready to leave, I saw a friend of mine whom I've done other course work with, sitting at one of the computers with some problem for another course. We started talking a bit, and he was telling me about these problems he was having with getting a particular application to work. As I started helping him fix his problems, I felt a sudden rush of pleasure through my body. The further we got in to the problem solving, the more my body told me that it liked what was happening. In the end we managed to solve his problems, but I couldn't help but feel that helping people solve problems and explaining to them how to do it was one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.
I have previously thought about becoming a teacher at a university. It's been my long-term plan for some years, but right now it feels like I never want to set foot in a school again. At least not as a student. The problem with getting a teaching position is that you have to spend eons in school first as a student. Your regular Master's degree generally isn't enough.
This is a problem for me, because when I'm finished here, I don't want to ever have to write another exam or do another assignment, yet I want to be a teacher, so more of this shit is required. Granted, doing PhD research isn't like taking courses, but I still don't know if I can take any more of being a student. Time (and position offers) will tell, but right now it feels like I don't ever want to set foot in a school again. Maybe that changes, maybe it doesn't, but teaching is still one of the most fun and rewarding experiences in the world.

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