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Thursday, September 13, 2007

MultiAgent Systems

I just got through the better part (10 chapters plus appendix) of Michael Wooldridge's An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems. Normally when I'm faces with self-study of a massive piece of educational literature, I get bored easily, because the way literature is written is usually very stuffy and boring, and not particularly explanatory.
Reading An Introduction to MultiAgent Systems, however, was a pure delight. Wooldridge writes in such a way that information sticks the first time around. Rarely did I have to re-read a piece of text. He also writes in a very entertaining way, without digressing or causing off-topic chuckles.
The book is about 350 pages long, with a core of about 250 (according to Wooldridge). The first part deals with the concept of intelligent agents, and the second part deals with a society of such agents.
All in all a delightful read, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody wanting an overview or a great course book for multi-agent systems. If more authors wrote like this, then maybe people would actually pass their courses and not drop out of school.

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