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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome to the Service Ecomony

Apparently the International Labor Organization came out with something called the Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) report. It details the state of the union, so to speak, in the entire world with regards to labor.
The biggest sensation in the report, however, was the face that agriculture is not the biggest labor sector in the world anymore, services is. In most western countries, I believe, agriculture has been lower than 10% of the countries economy, sometimes lower than 5%, for a while now, but that's not necessarily true for the rest of the world. I think this is pretty amazing. To quote the article that I found this news in:

And thus passes a tremendous milestone in the history of our species. Farming, invented around 8000 BC, quickly dominated human activity and has so continued to for the following 10,000 years (give or take a few). And we even find that the tradition agriculture->industry->services transition doesn’t hold up globally. The industry segment simply isn’t big enough, so many workers skip to services.



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