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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hitman Trailer Out

I just found out today that the trailer for Hitman is out. At first I had heard rumors that Vin Diesel was going to star as the Agent 47, which I think would have been spot on.
For those of you who haven't played the games, Agent 47 is a bald, buff and merciless contract killer. I think Vin Diesel could have full filled these criteria easily, but instead, the filmmakers chose to go with Timothy Olyphant. Now, as much as I like Timothy's previous work, he is in no way, shape or form cut out to play Agent 47. Not only is he too short and way to skinny to pull it off, but he also doesn't have the deep brooding silent resolve that Agent 47 seems to have. Timothy is much too happy to play this role.

The trailer does seen to follow the games quite well, so it will still be entertaining to watch, even though (as the person on whose blog I found the trailer also claims) the main character will be played by the "wrong" guy. The original author and I disagree on the possible use of Vin Diesel, but we both agree that choosing Timmy here was the wrong choice.

EDITED TO ADD: Jason Statham (The Transporter) would have been a kick-ass choice too, but apparently he declined.

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