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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rene's party Shop

There's a tea that I really like. It's from twinings and it's called Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin (can't for the life of me find an English-language site with the correct picture). It's available in any store in Sweden, and I had really gotten used to drinking it (there are some other, more posh, teas from twinings that I like, but whose names I can't seem to remember, since they don't exist here). The problem is that the food stores here don't carry it. All they carry is their store-brand muck they try to pass off as tea. Now, I'm not saying I'm some kind of connaisseur (hell, I even had to ask my girlfriend, who among other wonderful things, speaks fluent french, how to spell it), since I tend to not like the more advanced teas, but out of the normal selection, I know what I like.
I looked over every shop in the Enschede area, but my search was fruitless. I was on the verge of giving up (and ordering it from home) when I stumbled upon Rene's party Shop in my local shopping mall (glorified collection of food and pet stores). Since I found it there I drop by approximately monthly to purchase some more. I thought I was just another customer, but when I went in there today, a man who I can only assume is Rene him self says to me something like "cinnamon and apple again, that's a good tea". Not only id he remember that I'm not dutch, but he remembers what I come in there and buy. We've maybe exchanged 15 words during all the times I've come there, so I was surprised to say the least.
We get to talking and it turns out that Rene has had his party shop in the Deppenbroek winkelcentrum for the last 30 years, "since I was 21" he proclaims.
He tells me (brags) about his son who also happens to be in computer science (which he discovered after tiring of being a dentist), and about his other son who is now at Saxion.
All in all Rene seems to be a nice guy, and I think I'm going to continue doing my shopping there. Maybe even more some of my cheese purchases there, since he seems to have a lot of cheese, and seems like a nice guy.
If you are in the neighborhood, pay Rene a visit.



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