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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Too hot?

The people who know me will undoubtedly have heard me saying something like "there is no such thing as 'too hot'".
While that is still true (even though it is over 30 degrees here and the air pressure is really high), there is something to be said for being too sick for the heat.
Now, had I been in healthy and had my allergy medicine actually worked, 30 degrees wouldn't have been a problem at all.
However, this is not the case. My head hurts, my nose is running, and my bones and muscles are sore and ache like you wouldn't believe. All this (which is basically heavy allergy problems, combined with the cold from hell) is making the situation a very unpleasant one for me.
I can't get any work done, I can't think, I can't focus, and my deadlines are a couple of days away.
If we could at least get some rain and thunder to clear the air (like the weather service has prognosticated for the last couple of days) things would be better.

I guess I just need to get healthier, but that still doesn't solve the problem of my allergy medicine not being even close to efficient enough.

Life sucks right now. It had better get better really quickly, otherwise I might have to kill some people...

Also, on another note, our internet is working terribly slow again. Over 15 seconds to load the google homepage on a good day. I don't know if my roommates have some p2p service running in the background, thinking our 4/1 (or whatever it is we have) cable tv connection can take it.
I'm pretty sure that this is not the case though, as we have a godawful isp. You'd think that utwente.nl, "the fastest campus in the world" would provide proper internet service to the people living off campus, but this is a fucking joke. I'd be better off with some GPRS plan for my phone and surfing through that.

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