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filling the void

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Neanderthal Haiku

I'm working through the night, and this is how is started:

brain behind face.
brain hurts.
shoot through face kill brain.
brain hurt no more.

Which, of course, is no Haiku, so I modified it a bit.

brain behind face hurts.
shoot through the face to kill brain.
brain will hurt no more

After that I just kept going. I asked my girlfriend to contribute one. she claimed that her brain was out of order.

i cannot right now
my brain is out of order
wait 'till tomorrow

Of course, I should be working, but what the hell.

to write haiku
is much more than fun and games
training for the brain

Inspired by something a friend sent me before. There are a lot of words that have 5 or more syllables that never really fit in to the last line properly.
I moved two words around for the post. It was pretty bad before.

the rules are so clear
but sometimes it still goes wrong

This kind of sucks, but it gets the point across.

I do preferr this
over doing boring work
after midnight time

"captain says (00:05): bah, that was a bad one"

For some MacHall-related humor.
maxwell is my name
law two of this i refute

And finally for some Family Guy related stuff.

miss takanawa
i want meet ziggy stardust
fish ball soup, fish ball



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