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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Strange ways of reaching me

I was going over my statistics just now (of course I track who visits. I get so happy when I see that people have seen, even if they might not have read, what I have written), and I saw that I had a visitor from Korea. (Wow, that was a horribly incorrect sentence, but you all get it).
They were looking for "ioftpd cubnc", which is a fair search string (via google, btw).
It is true that I am the author of cubnc, but this is not the best way to seek support (but you are still welcome to leave a comment to that end).
Normally, the #cubnc channel on EFNet would be a better place to look.
If I can't answer myself, then I'm sure someone else can.
Right now I've got a lot of exam stuff to take care of, but after that I should be on irc with more frequency.

EDITED TO ADD: Since the search engines are indexing this thing, I might as well be a link whore and link to cubnc and say that cubnc was primarily designed with glftpd in mind, but that it also works perfectly with ioftpd. Ok, that's enough of that.

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