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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sharia Schmaria

For a couple of weeks now, I've been reading up about moving to Dubai.
It seems like a great city. Nice temperatures, ocean front, good money, no taxes, and nice temperatures. Did I mention nice temperatures? It's got nice temperatures.
I was reading about it, looking at jobs and possible salaries and cost of living and whatnot.
All in all it seemed like a great country, until I read this. It's an article from gulfnews.com about the sharia laws in effect, and how they can affect me should I determine to move (or set foot in) the UAE (or any other country with sharia laws).
It turns out that it is illegal for a man and woman who are not blood relatives or legally married to be in a "closed space" together. Even elevators count and cars count, to some extent.
Sharing an apartment is obviously out of the question.
My favourite part is this:

Dr Khalifa Rashid Al Sha'ali, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ajman University, said if a man and a woman who are not related are caught alone in a private place, they face a jail sentence or lashes even if they were not involved in any suspicious act.

Fucking LASHES?!?!?!?!
What the hell. I mean I'm no fan of adultery, but this is fucking nuts.
And it appears that good neighbors call the police on their neighbors too, should they see something like this through their window.
This is absolutely fucking insane. This is what you get when you let religion take over lawmaking. I don't care what religion it is, I just know that the church (or mosque or temple or whatever) has nothing to do with the state. Nothing no matter how you slice it.

And to think I seriously contemplated it. I'd rather live in the heart of red china with their censorship and people disappearing due to secret police and whatnot over this. At least communist people let you fuck whomever you damn well please.

I realized that these things were in effect in some Arab countries, but I thought that the UAE was supposed to be so open and western and cater to foreigners, but with shit like this, it makes you wonder...

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