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Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Google App

I propose a new function for google.
Google has this feature called sets. Google sets lets you input something, and then it generates a set of related phrases.
What I want is the ability to exclude an entire set (they have large and small sets) from a normal google result. i.e. if the set "animals" returns "monkey, gorilla, panther", and I search for "jungle -set:animals", I'd get all the results about the jungle that did not include the words monkey, gorilla or panther.
Something like: google: jevring -set:"veterinary medicine"

Which would actually find ME on google, and not just my uncles (ex)-wife, who's a major author on the subject of veterinary medicine. Sure, you'll find me in those results too, but you have too know what you look for. A search for "jevring" currently returns around 10000 results, and probably something like 20 of them are about me. A search of "Markus Jevring" (first name and last, for those of you who didn't know), returns old university pages, and group listings and whatnot from things that are really old.

So google, you had better be paying attention to bloggers. (I hear microsoft does this. Looks for dissenters, read their opinions, and tries to do something about them) If I see this feature showing up within the coming year, I'll know where you got it from!

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