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filling the void

Monday, November 27, 2006


If you tell someone about a prediction you have made about them, does that make it more or less likely to happen? Especially if it's something out of their control? Even more so if they don't care if it happens or not, or are equally satisfied with the outcome of the prediction.
I have made a prediction about a friend of mine, that I don't much want to happen, but I don't know if I should tell, for fear that it might interfere with the prediction itself.
I should just write it down, dated, somewhere, so that I can show afterwards that I had predicted it.
But then again, if you predict enough things, some of them are bound to happen, and that doesn't really make you Nostradamus, it just means that you have a lively imagination (and, to some extend, have way too much time on your hands).

I've written about this very prediction before. It's based on statistics, and it involves having a connection to me, but for fear of jinxing it, or letting it slip, as it were, I will not reference to it here.
It is the prediction that shall not be named!

Now, after getting that off my chest, I shall return to my studies.


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