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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Close Shave

I recently acquired the new razor from Gillette, the Fusion. I must say, it's a really close shave, especially if you've let it grow for 2-3 days, but I'm not sure it's necessarily closer than the Gillette Mach3. Granted, it has more blades, so I guess it should be, however Gilette had the Mach3 out as their main razor for several years, much longer than I've seen any of the others have the spot light, so one begins to wonder if this isn't just a marketing hoax. The Mach3 was decidedly better than the Gillette Sensor Excel, so you could at least feel the progress there.
The Fusion has 4 blades, which should give me a closer shave, and I must admit that I can feel the added resistance as the blades fly down my face (always down, never up, "go with the grade", as Danny Glover says in Lethal Weapon). It felt strange at first, but now I'm almost used to it.
What the Fusion does have is a single blade on the back, for those precision areas. I like that. What I didn't like, however, was that the razors head is now so large that is has trouble adapting to the geometry of my face. Especially in the area just under the sides of your jaw. If you're not a big burly man, then these angles can be quite sharp, and require extra attention, over the effortless sliding seen on television.

In any case, it's definitely good enough, and as I assume it'll phase out in the coming 5 or so years, I might as well get used to it. The only reason you can still buy blades for the Sensor Excel, is that the Lady Shave that they have introduced uses the same blades.
You'd think that they would give women the same advances as us. Hairy legs are not sexy.
I guess the ladies could just buy the same razors that we use, but I'm sure there are things involved making shaving your legs with a Mach3 more difficult. I wouldn't know, I tend to not shave my legs.

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