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Monday, February 26, 2007

Used Up

I never thought I'd say this, and even less expected to experience it, but my mouse is thoroughly used up.
Previous mice that I've had still work, it's just this one that's started to fail on me. It's a logitech MX700, the cordless one. I bought it in 2002 I think, and it's been working swimmingly ever since, until now. Granted, I have been playing a lot of games, Diablo 2 in particular, which really taxes your mouse, but you'd think they were made to last. The cover of the mouse has slowly but surely been eroded. There are some parts where the plastic is showing white, under a cover of gray color. Merely having my hand on my house for all this time has worn a distinct palm pattern in to it that matches, maybe not unmistakably but still, my right hand. It's also full of grime, but I know that happens to other people's mice to, so I won't blame that for the demise of this particular one.
Right now, the problem is with the mouse buttons. Taking is apart shows absolutely no wear what so ever on the internal part of the buttons, yet it still generates spurious clicks, and sometimes refuses me to click at all. Also commonly seen in windows is the refusal to let me double click stuff.

In short, I need a new mouse. I've been looking at other logitech offers, like the same mouse, only corded (MX500, not that abomination of a gamer mouse that is the MX510/MX518) or their second cordless laser mouse (MX1000, I really like this one). The problem is that none of these are currently sold by anyone, as they are way too old. The other problem is that I suspect that these mice will suffer from the same problems as mine has, down the line. This leaves us with logitech's new mice, the Revolution VX and MX. They look interesting, and might even feel nice in my hand, but they're a far cry from the MX1000. I think I will have to go downtown and look at different mice and feel them and play with them, just go get a proper feel for what the world of pointing devices currently have to offer.

To be continued...

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