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Friday, February 16, 2007

Bad Pickup Lines

So I'm at this shady club in town, getting drunk with my friends, and this random dude walks up to me and starts hitting on me. He didn't look dutch, so I'm guessing he had some heritage from some other part of the world, which could explain the approach he used.
Here's an except:

dude: *something unintelligible in dutch*
me: I'm sorry, I don't speak dutch
dude: duitse? (German?)
me: no, I'm from Sweden actually...
dude: really? I've got family there, Oslo...
Oslo is in Norway
dude: Helsinki?
me: That would be Finland
dude: Copenhagen?
me: that's Denmark.
dude: where are you from?
me: Sweden
dude: Scandinavia, I've got family there!
me: that's great, I've got to go...

What the hell? I mean, I don't mind dudes hitting on me, in fact I'm flattered, but please, put some effort in to it. Is this what girls fall for? If girls are normally on the receiving end of this kind of stupidity, there's no wonder they react the way they do when guys normally try to chat them up in bars. This was terrible. If you're laying a lie on someone to get in to their pants, you'd better make sure that you have your facts straight, otherwise you're just going to come across as a moron...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, they should make stupidity more painful.

(And he was ugly to boot!)



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