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filling the void

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The position that "h" occupies in the alphabet, and the grade I just got for my Switching and Control Systems in Multi Service Networks course.
I was really sure I had failed when I left the exam. Much like the other two that I took last period, I had not studied more than an hour or two, tops.
This was supposedly the hardest of the courses I had to take too, which made me even more satisfied when I got the result back via email this afternoon.
I was also told a couple of days ago that I got an eight on my assignment for Reference Models for Networked applications. Getting good grades is always fun, but the course however, was not.
SCS was really interesting, and I actually learned things, but Reference Models told me absolutely nothing of value. I don't know if I've ever had such an unnecessary course. I'm pretty sure that every course in the past taught me something, except this one.
Ohh well, at least I got acceptable grades. Now I just need to get the result from the other two courses and be allowed to switch tracks and I'll be sounds as the proverbial pound.



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