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filling the void

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I really don't have anything to blog about, so I'll just put some random complaints and stuff in here, so that you won't think that I've gone and died.
I have a lot of school work right now. I'm playing catch up in 3 courses. I'm almost done in one of them, and two others I haven't even started. I might have to postpone actually taking my exam for one of the courses until next period, if it turns out to be too much.
I also haven't gotten the result back for 2 of my exams from last quarter, so that'll factor in to my decision as well.
Tonight is pub night, tomorrow is some form of dinner. Like the school stuff wasn't enough, now I have to entertain at night too.
It's not so bad though, if it wasn't for the fact that the partying severely cuts in to my study time (or, depending on how stressed you feel, the studying cuts in to my party time).

Last night was also quite interesting, we were showing Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for the SMIT monthly movie night. I usually want other people to come up with movie suggestions, but the other members of the activity commission (calling things commissions and boards when you're in school is just "playing grownups" to me. I'd rather have it called "group" or "organization" or something like that) just can't come up with anything, so in the end it mostly comes down to me.
I am of course fine by this, but the result is that at least two occasions, possibly three, almost everyone walks out on the movie during the intermission, if not earlier. Most people might see this as an indication that people don't like the movies you choose. So be it, I'm not going to change my taste to suit toe general public. Besides, it's not like anyone else had any better suggestions. At least I had a great time last night! However I must say that I was expecting the Fear and Loathing Big Screen Experience (tm) to be more impressive than it was. I could have just as easily watched it in my own room and had a better visual experience. Ohh well, who knew, right?...
I wonder if they'll let me choose the next movie too. I've been trying to push Requiem for a Dream for a while now, but they have been reluctant. I guess time will tell what movie they will walk out from next...


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