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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

(used up)^2

Or just a weird phenomena, you be the judge.
Over the last couple of months, I've been having trouble with my monitor. Every so often the image would collapse into an intense horizontal line of light, just to return to full size a couple of seconds later. It could go into "line mode" for longer periods of time sometimes, but that was rare.
It was always the horizontal line, and it always came back.
Yesterday, when I came home from school and turned on my computer, I was greeted with a vertical flickering line. That, ladies and gentlemen, was all. The image did not restore, the line just sat there, mocking me.
I had known for a long time that this moment would come, but I had hoped that it would not be so soon.
The freaky thing is that, with a few small differences, this is exactly what happened to my old monitor. It would start loosing both horizontal and vertical structure and collapse in on itself, just to restore with an audible click (some might say it was a bang) almost instantly. This would start as a random thing, occurring maybe a couple of times per day. This would, of course, escalate to where I would never turn off my monitor, because I had observed that it would go in to this habit of collapsing in on itself repeatedly and not stop, if I was lucky, for a couple of hours, but at the end, at all. For the last two to three weeks, I would always keep my monitor on, because having it run warm was the only way to mitigate the collapsing. Finally, though, if would just not stop collapsing. It would get to the point where the image wouldn't even restore completely before the next collapse. Completely unworkable.
As a replacement for my trusty monitor, I got this behemoth of a CRT. A 22", 1920x1440 capable display that worked like a charm, that is, until recently.
Now, I am without a display, and the fuck-heads at the computer store (which shall remain nameless) fucked up my order, but still managed to deduct the money from my account. When I get my money back, I'm so going to another retailer to get this sorted. In the mean while I'm stuck with what used to be an acceptable laptop (p3-450, 320MB), but what has not turned into a crash-monster. My only hope is that I can get this monitor situation resolved before I am committed to an asylum.

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