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Monday, January 15, 2007

My Day

So, I got the relatively harmless question "Have you had a good day" just now over icq, and, as I hadn't really had an especially good day, this is how I responded:

actually, up until about 2 hours ago, I've had a pretty crappy day =(
I got up early, had a small breakfast and went to school.
scheduled project work with one guy from 10-12, then from 12 to whenever with my other project.
then when we got done with that project, I call the first guy up, and we continued to work.
you will notice by now, that "lunch" didn't figure in to that description.
I get home around 18, nothing edible in the fridge, so I'm off to the grocery store, still burning my single sandwich that I had for breakfast.
at this time I'm pretty cranky, and quite sure that if anybody was going to give me any trouble, I'd tear their head of and shit down their exposed throat.
so I get to the store, get what I come for, and go home.
When I come home, there's a mountain of dishes. This is not unusual, and really not a problem, except for two things: a) my raging hunger is at the point where any setback seems like world war 3, and b) there is no dish soap in the house
Thus, back on my bike to the store.
I come home with the dish soap, do the mountain of dishes (about 45 minutes or so, I'd guess), make dinner, leave dirty dishes all over the place, and then, I simmer down and watch some tv, and now everything is good again.

how was your day? =)

So, after dinner (curry chicken), some CNN and some Mythbusters, I'm all happy again.

Ohh, and the game store called be about my pre-order for TBC. The store is going to open up at midnight tonight, and I'm most likely going to be there to score my copy of TBC, and then LAGG OUT in the blasted lands all night. Tomorrow's working day might suffer a bit, but I really don't care that much.

Right now I'm selecting courses for next quarter. Currently, it looks like:
- Performance evaluation (I suck at math and statistics, and this is heavy on both. Mandatory, unfortunately. Die Markov chains, die!)

- Mobile and Wireless Networking (Might be interesting. One of my current courses have touched on the subject, and it's mighty interesting.)

- Aspect Oriented Programming. (With my favourite teacher Mehmet Aksit. This guy is the shit, quite possibly one of the best teachers I have had in my entire life. He was on the ballot for the teacher of the year here at twente. I voted for him, but I don't know how it turned out.)

They tell me that performance evaluation is going to be VERY difficult, so I'm going to play it safe and stick to the normal 3 courses per quarter, having done 3½ the last two. Luckily, I have a PhD student in mathematics living in my house, so I'm sure he'll be able to explain things to me if I get stuck.

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