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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

W(h)ine vs. Whiskey

You can't forcefully drink your sorrows away with wine.
You can always count on there being whiskey or some equally strong liquor involved when someone drinks their sorrows away. Just think of virtually any movie that you have seen where this has happened. Has the hero (or antagonist for that matter) ever walked in to some shoddy, dark bar in some back-alley of the big city, sat down at the (almost empty) bar, looked glum, and ordered a glass of Chablis? The answer, my friends, is no. That just doesn't happen. No matter if the person at the bar is a man or a woman, it's not proper to drink your sorrows away in anything less that 80 proof. It just doesn't seem grave enough unless you're drinking something that is really detrimental to your health.

Sometimes I get this need to do just that. Go somewhere and drink my sorrows away, but as a man who doesn't drink whiskey, let alone beer, it just doesn't work. Not that the alcohol itself wouldn't drown my sorrows (it never does btw, it only exacerbates the problem), but it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you're sitting somewhere with a glass of wine in your hand.
No, sorrows have to be drowned in a different manner for me, and when I figure out what that is, I'll make sure to tell you.

On a lighter note, I just love the new spellchecker that blogger has. Inline and everything. Microsoft Word should take a page from the good people at Google.


  • At the one of the most sorrow moments of my life I drank like two bottles of wine. You just do it fast, with mouth wide open. And it works, cause it's just alcohol afterall. Never tried to make it in a bar though.

    By Anonymous Pasha, at Tuesday, December 12, 2006 at 11:03:00 PM GMT+1  

  • wine would be 34 proof. thats nothing compared to 80 proof. also in India quality foreign wines are really rare.what we usually get is cheap local wines. so if ure drinking wine in sorrow either u are too rich to feel sorry or too poor for others to care.

    By Anonymous beer, at Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 2:59:00 PM GMT+1  

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