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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Worldwide Employment Market

I'm currently looking in to finding a job in a nice country. In most of these countries, they speak a language that I am unfamiliar with. They also have different cultural differences, and ways of doing business. What they also have, are different ways of finding work. Most countries have some websites with listings, and this is where the problem begins. I'm very happy that these websites exist, but the problem is that there are so many of them! Why not consolidate? Why not just make one or a few incredibly large sites that have everything in them? The government does, and it seems to be working for them.

I would especially like a worldwide site for this, or at the very least a continent-wide site. something like europejobs.com that would list ALL available jobs in Europe. It's not difficult technically, and it would be easier for both employers and (prospective) employees, since it would all be gathered in one place. Especially since we're supposed to be in the EU now, with free movement of people, services and capital. It should be a breeze to hire someone from a different country in the EU. It would certainly make life easier for expats like myself. It's not that I don't want to do the work hunting for jobs, I'm just saying that it would be easier if everyone pooled their resources.

Sadly, I know that this will never happen, because there are issues of bikeshedding and "not written here" syndrome evident throughout the world. The inability of people to get along and reach a solution that is beneficial to all parties involved is, on a larger scale, the reason for most of the troubles in the world. I suppose this is painfully obvious, if you think about it. If there is no disagreement, there would be no problems. Disagreement is inherent in humans, but I wish people could set some of it aside for the greater good, in some cases. Especially when it comes to helping people. People who are in the business of helping other people should be able to get along and work together instead of against each other. It would cut down on overhead, and would increase the amount of help they can dish out, regardless of what this help could be.

Make my life easier, please. Make everybody's life easier. You can you it, you have the technology!

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