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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I, Videogame

I just watched this documentary on the discovery channel called I, Videogame.
Apparently it was a thing in parts, and I have no idea which part I saw, but it was about how the video game industry is closely tied in to the military, both with regards to content and technology.
It ended with a wonderful little blurb though, that I wish I could quote (which I can't, because I don't exactly remember what the guy said, but ) it went something like this.

Here's this pen, and with it I can create these wonders and empower people and set them free.
Here's this pen, and with it I can write the death sentences of millions of people.
Look at the power this pen has (the pen is mightier, as we all know. Or as Sean Connery calls it in Celebrity Jeopardy, the penis mightier).
In the end, it's not about the tools we use, they are just enablers for humans to make decisions.
You can never blame anything on the tools, it is always man that has to take the decisions.

This is so true. People can say what they want about video games and violence on TV being a bad influence on children, bad parenting, living in a crummy neighborhood, whatever, but what people fail to realize is that in the end, there has to be a human there to make the decisions. Be it to save someones life, kill someone, or just do absolutely nothing.
People make decisions, not tools.

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