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Friday, February 13, 2009


We went to the theater tonight to see some Shakespeare. Othello to be precise. It was performed by the BSS, or Brussels Shakespeare Society. It was here in Brussels, and it was in English. The whole thing took just over 3 hours, I think, and the performances by the lead roles were absolutely amazing. I don't remember the names of the actors, but the two leads, Othello and Iago, were great. The supporting cast, however, I'm sad to say, were very bad. There were some acceptable performances, but I don't know their characters' names'. The biggest problem, I think, was the fact that most of the supporting cast did not have English as their first language, or even their second. Their delivery was also very bad. Othello however, and Iago, and to some extent Iago's wife, who only really got to speak properly in the second half, were very good. Excellent delivery, lots of passion, and inlevelse, to use a Swedish word. It was all very dramatic and extravagant, but then again it's Shakespeare, so it is supposed to be. Unfortunately I'm quite tired, otherwise I would ave written a proper review, but I'm sure you can wikipedia the play to see what it was about. It's also too bad that I don't know the names of the actors. I doubt that my site ranks highly in theater circuits, but they'd at least get one more hit on google...

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