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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Frank Lloyd Wright

It should come as no surprised to the people I've spoken to about architecture that Frank Lloyd Wright is my favorite architect, hands down. The man is an absolute genius, and all his designs are masterpieces second to none.
Unfortunately, the man is dead. Died some 50 years ago (the man lived to be 91 years old. remarkable). This unfortunately means that I can't get him on the horn to design my house, but that hasn't stopped Joe Massaro. Massaro has revived some sketches that Fran Lloyd Wright did for a house on Petra island on Lake Mahopac. Joe purchased the island, where the previous owner had chosen to not go on with the building, and decided to put up the house anyway.
Apparently, the only thing available for the project was some pencil sketches that Wright had done for the house.
The result is an absolute beauty, much like all the other of Wright's works. You can clearly see the heritage in the square lines and how thing extend into the air with no support other than the one inherent in the structure. The house also incorporates features of the island it is built on, like pieces of rock coming out of the walls and the floor (picture 4 from the article).
Absolutely magnificent. Even though I am but an architecture dilettante, I know what I like, and I know that I like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Also, as you can see, I just found a wonderful new blog that I will be evaluating. Hopefully it will keep up what I've seen so far.

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